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I believe EVERY BODY is different, the WHOLE BODY is connected, and ANYBODY can get better when they understand their underlying health imbalances




Max is the founder of Wellness Found and is an Integrative Health Practitioner, certified yoga teacher, and continuing education provider. Max has over one thousand hours of experience teaching group yoga and exercise classes, coaching private clients, and leading trainings and workshops.


Integrative Health Practitioners recognizes that the whole body is a connected system and believe that no matter what someone suffers from, anyone can get better when they discover their underlying health imbalances and rebalance the body. Wellness Found applies a proven system to de-stress and strengthen the body through:

  • Diet - Drawing from principles of Ayurveda and bio-individualism, we examine the unique dietary needs of each person and eat close to the earth.

  • Movement - The human body is meant to be in motion; we use yoga and functional movement to improve both strength and mobility

  • Detox - We apply functional medicine and and Ayurvedic practices to remove the hidden toxins that are holding us back from our health goals

  • Mindset - We use meditation and mindset coaching to create healthy habits and to let go of limiting beliefs, toxic emotions, and unhealthy expectations




Our bodies are meant to be in movement. Yoga provides accessible and dynamic movement for all levels of fitness that builds strength and improves flexibility. But yoga goes much farther than yoga poses (or asana) by providing an integrated system of movement, breath, moral practices, focus, and meditation to unify and uplift body, mind, and spirit.

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